Limited Scope Attorney Agreement

Limited Scope Attorney Agreement

The purpose of this Limited Scope Attorney Agreement (“Agreement”) is to identify the scope of the attorney’s services and to provide the Client (“you”) and the attorney or law firm providing you the legal services specified below (“Lawyer”) with a written agreement of the terms and conditions of this limited scope representation. 


Therefore, this Agreement is made between the Lawyer and you and the parties agree as follows.


The Lawyer is only providing you specific and limited legal services and representation as defined below (“Lawyer Services”) and is not providing general, full, and/or unlimited representation of or to the Client. Thus, the Lawyer is not obligated to provide any advice or service beyond the Lawyer Services and you are free to separately seek out and retain an attorney to represent you for additional services.


Any advice or service provided by any attorney beyond the Lawyer Services is deemed to be outside of the scope of this Agreement and unrelated to Simvisa, which is a non-attorney product offered according to the Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement by Atom Law Group LLC (“ALG”), and/or ALG unless separately agreed to in writing and signed by ALG and you. The Lawyer may or may not be an employee or partner of ALG and regardless will exercise independent judgment as an attorney or firm while providing the Lawyer Services.


The entirety of the legal services and representation provided under this Agreement consists of the attorney:

  • Reviewing the forms and supporting documents that have been prepared for filing;

  • Responding to your question(s), if any, regarding the forms and supporting documents provided to the attorney for review; and

  • Providing guidance either by recommending that you proceed with the filing or by advising you, along with a reason(s), against filing. (“Lawyer Services”)


Upon the provision of the Lawyer Services, the Lawyer’s representation of you terminates.


During the provision of the Lawyer Services, the Lawyer relies entirely on the information and documents you provide and will not conduct any independent investigation as to the truth or authenticity of such; the Lawyer does not provide any assurances or guarantees concerning the outcome of any specific legal matters and any comments regarding the outcome are expressions of opinion only; and the Lawyer may recommend, based on a specific reason(s), that you seek further or additional legal advice or services from an attorney beyond and outside what is provided through this Agreement.


For the purpose of receiving the Lawyer Services pursuant to this Agreement, you agree to pay the Lawyer for Lawyer Services by authorizing ALG to direct a portion of the Simvisa fee to the Lawyer, where applicable, and permit ALG to share or transfer your information with the Lawyer.


This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Illinois.


You specifically agree that you have read and understood this Limited Scope Attorney Agreement and that you consent to each and every term of this Limited Scope Attorney Agreement. 


Last updated: June 23, 2022


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