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Sam Osborne

Sam Osborne

Providing Legal Guidance at SimVisa
Beyond the Law
  • Juris Doctorate – Loyola University of Chicago School of Law
  • Bachelor’s Degree – Loyola University of Chicago
  • Illinois State Bar, 2016
  • U.S. District Court – Northern District of Illinois

Sam is passionate about a diverse range of interests and hobbies that enrich his life and contribute to his well-rounded perspective. These activities reflect his appreciation for history, leisure, and cultural experiences. Get to know more about Sam beyond the legal world:

Antiquing and Estate Sales: A connoisseur of history and craftsmanship, Sam enjoys exploring the world of antiquing and attending estate sales. This hobby allows him to connect with the past, appreciating the stories behind each artifact and the unique charm of vintage finds.

Golfing: On the greens, Sam finds solace and challenge. Golf is not just a sport for him but a way to unwind and strategize – skills that seamlessly translate into his legal practice. Whether it's a friendly match or a solo round, he relishes the tranquility of the golf course.

Cincinnati Bengals Enthusiast: As a dedicated fan of the Cincinnati Bengals, Sam bleeds orange and black. Supporting the team is not just about the game; it's a shared passion that brings people together. He understands the importance of teamwork both on and off the field, a principle he applies in his legal collaborations.

Museum Aficionado: Exploring the halls of museums is another favorite pastime for Sam. Whether it's art, history, or science, he finds inspiration in the curated knowledge that museums offer. This love for cultural exploration adds depth to his understanding of diverse perspectives.

Concert-Goer: Music has a special place in Sam's heart, and attending concerts is one way he enjoys the rhythm of life. From classical to contemporary, he values the experience of live performances and the emotions they evoke.

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