If you're applying for a marriage green card without an attorney, Simvisa is for you.

Expense saved. Application prepared right. Questions answered. Stress avoided.

How it works

We find out if you're eligible

Answer a few questions and if you're eligible for the Simvisa process, start your journey with a complimentary video meeting about your application.

We help you prepare your application

U.S. immigration requires quite a lot of detailed information. Our simplified system walks you through gathering the necessary information and supporting documents.

We meet with you for 90 minutes

Together, we go through your prepared packet and answer any questions that you may have.

An attorney reviews your application

An independent licensed attorney reviews your application and makes sure it is ready for filing.

You receive your packet for filing

We ship your packet to you with a prepaid envelope and step-by-step instructions on how to file with immigration.

Meet your personalized immigration coach

Live One-on-one Meetings

No Filling Out Immigration Forms

Attorney-Reviewed Application

Step-by-step Guidance

Because you could be doing something else than filling out forms

Like watching Netflix instead of researching what “filing category”, “document travel number”, and “form I-797” mean.
Like figuring out where to have the wedding ceremony and reception. Oh, and making sure the bridesmaids have matching dresses.
Like spending hours on the phone with your fiance or spouse instead of hours on the USCIS website.
Like doing laundry, getting ahead with the kids’ meals, hosting a barbeque shopping, and everything else. Literally. Everything. Else.

Say goodbye to high attorney fees

No more spending thousands for an attorney. Save your dollars for the other important things.

Get Started For Only $900 or $80/month

Ready for a stress-free visa application?

Before we get started,


This will help us find out if you qualify to apply for a marriage-based visa.

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