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Many immigrants face difficulties navigating the immigration process for themselves and their families as they plan entry into the U.S. Learn how a family immigration lawyer in Chicago can reunite or keep immigrating family members together.

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Family Immigration Services

Family immigration lawyers have training and experience working with the U.S. immigration process. A Chicago family immigration lawyer knows the procedural and substantive regulations that you must follow for your family members to join you in the U.S.
We provide a full range of family-based immigration services to fit almost every situation, including:

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All You Need to Know

Chicago Family Immigration Lawyers

Families can stay together when they immigrate to the U.S. But the immigration system suffers from confusing regulations and ever-changing policies. Whether you enter the country together or bring your immediate relatives to the U.S. after you blaze the path, family-based green card attorneys can make your family's immigration process as smooth as possible.

The American immigration system allows U.S. citizens and lawful residents to sponsor family members. This family-based immigration system usually only requires a familial relationship to get the paperwork to legally enter the country.

What Family Members Can Be Sponsored by U.S. Citizens?

Immediate family members, like spouses, parents, and minor children, get automatic consideration for green cards. Citizens can also petition for green cards for extended members of their families.

The government uses a preference system for relatives based on their relationship to the citizen sponsoring them:

  • First preference (F1) for unmarried sons and daughters age 21 or older
  • Third preference (F3) for married sons and daughters
  • Fourth preference (F4) for brothers and sisters if the sponsor is 21 or older

The second preference (F2) category is for relatives of lawful permanent residents.

What Family Members Can Be Sponsored by a Lawful Permanent Resident?

Sponsors do not need to be U.S. citizens. U.S. immigration law allows green card holders, also called lawful permanent residents (LPRs), to sponsor relatives for family immigration.

Family members of LPRs fall into the second preference category:

  • F2A includes spouses and unmarried children under 21
  • F2B includes unmarried sons and daughters 21 and older

Sponsored relatives of citizens and LPRs must meet the same requirements to receive green cards.

Are You in Need of Help from an Expert Immigration Attorney?

A family-based immigration lawyer can guide you through the system to reunite your family. Contact SimVisa to learn how a family-based green card attorney can help you.

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Why Choose SimVisa for Family-Based Immigration?

We have experience helping bring or keep families together. SimVisa handles visa applications for family members of U.S. citizens and LPRs who want to enter the U.S. lawfully. Some benefits of using SimVisa’s family immigration lawyers include:

  • Experience

    Our professionals have over ten years of experience with processing family-based and marriage-based visa applications

  • Partnerships

    SimVisa partners with experienced family immigration lawyers to review the applications we process.

  • Communication

    We meet with you to answer all of your questions and gather the information we need.

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We have a high success rate in approvals


We treat you with compassion, dignity & respect


We create tailored solutions for your business & family

True Reviews from People Just Like You


Before launching automated SimVisa services, we've been successfully helping people with immigration as a traditional immigration law firm - Atom Law Group. Read the reviews below to see what our clients have to say.

Natalia Diaz-Velazquez

Very happy with their services, SohYoon is the best Chicago immigration attorney

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Brian Murray

I've been working with the Atom Law group since 2011 dealing with various visas throughout the years until I finally became a citizen and have only praise for the firm. From start to finish the process was as smooth as one could hope for with zero issues in the entire process. SohYonn was excellent in communicating with me every step of the way, and I was 100% confident that everything would work out which it did! Highly recommended.

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Lydia Hadusek

They were great! Helped me with my green card process. Any questions or concerns I had they would answer them promptly and would always put me at ease. The process with them felt more like a friendship.

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Pedro Kialanda

I do not know where i would be without Atom Law. They have helped me with my Green Card, Citizenship, and my mother's Green Card. Vanessa and SohYoohn were always available and ready to answer questions, alleviate any concerns we had. They always followed up and made sure everything was perfect. I can at least say from my side that everything was easy because they did all the heavy lifting. They are such a great team and i would recommend them to anyone who is going through the same process i went through. Thank you for everything

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Robert Lucy

I highly recommend Atom Law Group. My wife’s green card arrived just 6 months after we filed the adjustment of status paperwork. Atom Law Group really did everything for us at every step of the process. They gave very good guidance at the start, they helped track down every last document, they patiently answered questions, they filled out the many forms, they clearly explained the forms before we signed, they held a practice interview to prepare for the real interview, and on the big day a lawyer went with us to our USCIS interview. They are all very competent and pleasant people to work with.

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Beyza Büyüker

I worked with SohYoon and her team for my marriage-based Green Card application. They were very dedicated, knowledgable, responsive, and professional. So glad to work with them -- cannot recommend them enough!

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FAQs About Family-Based Immigration

Our clients have a lot of questions. Here are the answers to some of those most frequently asked.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement for the Petitioner?

No. A U.S. citizen or LPR of any age can file a petition. But the government requires an Affidavit of Support with the petition, and the person who signs this document must be at least 18.

My child is a U.S citizen, when can they file for me?

U.S. citizens of any age can file petitions for their spouses or children. But petitioners must be 21 years or older to petition for the immigration of a parent or sibling.

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