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H-1B Modernization: A New Era for U.S. Immigration?
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H-1B Modernization: A New Era for U.S. Immigration?

The H-1B visa program, known for attracting talented professionals to the U.S., has historically allowed potential employers to submit registrations for a visa lottery with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). However, like any program, it has seen its share of challenges and criticisms, prompting discussions of potential reforms.

To combat the flaws of the H-1B visa and to make the process clearer for applicants, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is considering a modernization of the H-1B application and selection process.

A Paradigm Shift in Sponsorship

Traditionally, the H-1B visa, as governed by federal law enforcement agencies, required an existing U.S. employer to act as a sponsor for the foreign professional. This limited the scope for many talented individuals who had entrepreneurial aspirations.

But change may be coming to the H1B 2024 lottery. A groundbreaking proposal by the DHS suggests that professionals who start their own companies in the U.S. could sponsor their own H-1B visas through that startup.

This change is not just a procedural tweak; it's a monumental shift that could empower many to not just work in the U.S. but also to contribute more holistically to its economy by establishing businesses.

It also, however, introduces more potential for abuse and fraud. One of the historical problems with the H-1B visa has been the fact that any given individual may have multiple registrations in the lottery. In some cases, these extra entries are legitimate, as someone may have job offers from multiple sources, presenting a need to submit multiple registrations. In other cases, this is indicative of fraud, whether on behalf of the employer, a recruiter, or the individual.

Thankfully, the DHS and USCIS plan to address fraud and other issues by revamping the H-1B process in five more key ways.

5 Key Updates: Delving Deeper

5 Key Updates: Delving Deeper

Proposed changes to the H-1B application and selection reflect a commitment to making the process more streamlined, transparent, and user-friendly. Let's delve deeper into these key updates:

1. Electronic Registration: The Digital Shift

In a move toward digitization, the H-1B program requires prospective petitioners to first electronically register. This step ensures a more organized and efficient way of handling the vast number of applications. Moreover, the registration fee has been kept nominal at $10 for each beneficiary, making the process affordable.

2. Registration Timeline: Clarity and Precision

H-1B has provided a clear timeline for the registration process for fiscal year 2024. Starting at noon EST on March 1 and concluding by noon EST on March 17, this timeline offers ample opportunity for prospective applicants to ensure their entries are submitted. It's crucial for applicants to mark these dates and adhere to the timeline to avoid any last-minute rush or potential oversights. In the event that the cap is not filled, USCIS may launch a second round as they have in times past (or perhaps even a third round), but this is in no way guaranteed.

3. Online Account Creation: Your Gateway to the Process

The H-1B program has laid out specific guidelines for creating an online account at This account will be central to the entire H-1B application process. Applicants must ensure that they select the correct account type in order to receive the right notifications and take appropriate actions based on their status.

4. Avoiding Duplicates: Ensuring Authenticity

Avoiding Duplicates: Ensuring Authenticity

The DHS has undertaken extensive fraud investigations related to duplicate entries and H-1B registrations, indicating at one point that over 52% of all submissions were for beneficiaries with multiple registrations. And while many of these duplicate registrants indeed have multiple job offers, prompting multiple eligible registrations, many more fraudulent registrants flood the system with multiple submitted registrations, gaming the system and resulting in an unfair selection process.

That's why one of the biggest proposed changes to the H-1B selection process could significantly alter the way applicants are chosen, rebalancing the scales and giving all applicants the same chance. Specifically, the selection process would shift from selecting individual registrations to selecting individual applicants. So no matter how many registrations the same beneficiary has, they will have exactly one entry in the H-1B lottery.

5. Notification Process: Keeping Applicants Informed

Transparency is key in any application process. That's why the H-1B program has set up a systematic notification process. Once the lottery is conducted and the initial selection process finishes, selected registrants will be informed via their online accounts. The clarity provided by H-1B regarding the timeline is helpful. Applicants will know exactly when to expect notifications and, if selected, the subsequent steps they need to take.

How Will the U.S. Startup Landscape Evolve If Professionals Are Empowered to Establish Their Own Ventures?

The potential change in the H-1B visa process could lead to a surge in the number of startups in the U.S. As talented professionals from around the world get the opportunity to start their ventures, more diverse businesses could be established, leading to increased innovation as individuals bring unique perspectives and ideas from their home countries.

Additionally, this change could boost local economies by creating more jobs and potentially attracting more foreign investment. The U.S. startup ecosystem, already renowned for its dynamism, could become even more vibrant and diverse.

Can Enhanced Measures Ensure a Clearer H-1B Lottery Process?

Can Enhanced Measures Ensure a Clearer H-1B Lottery Process?

Between modernizing the application for the digital age and eliminating the possibility of gaming the system with multiple entries, the DHS and USCIS aim to create a transparent, level playing field for all applicants. These changes could make it simpler to apply for and obtain a visa, all while reducing fraudulent applications and ensuring that genuine candidates have a fair shot at obtaining the visa. While no system is foolproof, these measures are a step toward transparency and fairness in the H-1B lottery process.

Will the H-1B Reforms Balance Applicant Numbers with Visa Availability?

The H-1B visa program's demand has consistently outstripped its supply, leading to the establishment of the current lottery system. While the proposed changes, especially the potential for business owners to sponsor their own visas, might increase the number of applicants, it doesn't directly address the supply side: the number of visas available.

Unless there's an increase in the visa cap, the competition might become even fiercer. However, by streamlining the process and ensuring that only genuine and unique applications are considered, USCIS might be aiming to ensure that the available visas are granted to the most deserving candidates. It remains to be seen whether further changes will be introduced to address the demand-supply gap more effectively.

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Find Out More About the H1B 2024 Changes

The proposed H-1B modernization is not just about streamlining a process; it's about reimagining the future of U.S. immigration. It's about empowering individuals, fostering entrepreneurship, and ensuring a system that is fair and transparent. As we await the final verdict on these changes, one thing is clear: the upcoming H-1B lottery season promises to be unlike any other.

If you have questions about or need guidance on these changes, contact SimVisa, your trusted immigration law firm. Our knowledgeable legal team is here to provide clarity and support as you move forward in your immigration journey. Reach out to SimVisa today.

H-1B Modernization: A New Era for U.S. Immigration?
SohYoon Atac
co-founder of SimVisa

Sohyoon is the co-founder of SimVisa. She has over 15 years of immigration specific experience and as an immigrant herself, fully understands the daunting nature of navigating the immigration process.

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