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Marriage Immigration Lawyers

U.S. immigration law grants special privileges to foreign spouses of U.S. citizens. A marriage green card lawyer can help the U.S. citizen and their spouse on the path to becoming a green card holder and eventually a U.S. citizen.

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All You Need to Know

Choose Your Type of Green Card Through Marriage

You and your lawyer for marriage green card will follow two distinct paths depending on where your foreign spouse is located. For spouses currently in the US, they would follow the adjustment of status route, while spouses currently abroad would follow the immigrant visa route.  SimVisa and its immigration lawyer/marriage green card lawyer have everything you need for both situations:

Marriage Green Card: Adjustment of Status

This application package is for a non-citizen spouse applying from within the U.S. The term "adjustment of status" refers to the fact that the applicant probably entered the U.S. as a tourist, student, or fiancé and wants to remain in the country as the spouse of a U.S. citizen.

The application includes the following:

  • Marriage relationship form I-130
  • Supplemental information form I-130A
  • Green card application form I-485
  • Financial support form I-864
  • Work permit application form I-765
  • Travel permit application form I-131
  • Online notification form G-1145
  • Credit card payment form G-1450
  • Medical examination form I-693
  • Required government documents
  • Bona fide evidence of marriage

These forms allow you to live, work, and travel in the U.S. while USCIS approves your application.

Marriage Green Card: CR-1 Spousal Visa

This application is for a non-citizen spouse located outside the U.S. This process is also called “consular processing” because you ultimately receive your visa to enter into the U.S. through the U.S. consulate.

This application includes the following forms:

  • Marriage relationship form I-130
  • Supplemental information form I-130A
  • Online notification form G-1145
  • Credit card payment form G-1450
  • Green card application form DS-260
  • Address form DS-261
  • Financial support form I-864
  • Government documents
  • Bona fide marriage documents

Since the applicant will be abroad while the application is pending, the packet doesn't include the forms for employment authorization or a travel document.

What Is the Difference Between Adjustment of Status and Consular Processing?

More often than not, you don't have a choice on how to file. When you have a choice, you should discuss which option fits your situation with a marriage-based green card lawyer. Some differences include:

Processing Time

The U.S. State Department usually finishes consular processing faster than USCIS finishes adjustment of status.


The consular office only denies applications for specific reasons. USCIS can deny applications for any reason.


You pay upfront application fees to adjust status. The fees for consular processing are spread out and usually cost less.

Foreign Travel

After filing abroad, you cannot enter the U.S. until your application is granted. After filing in the U.S., you can leave and reenter if you get an advance parole travel document.

How to Obtain a Marriage-Based Green Card

Before applying for a marriage-based green card, you must be legally married. It must be a bona fide marriage demonstrating both a personal and economic relationship. If you marry solely for immigration benefits, the marriage would not qualify as a bona fide marriage.

The green card process for obtaining a marriage-based green card usually requires you to file Form I-130 to prove the marital relationship and obtain a priority date. After this, the processing depends on whether the applicant is inside or outside the country.

If the foreign spouse is inside the U.S., you'll file all your paperwork, including an I-485 Application to Adjust Status, with Form I-130. Then, you must:

  1. Wait until the USCIS processes the immigration forms.
  2. Attend the green card interview with your spouse.
  3. Receive the marriage-based green card after USCIS approves the interview results.

If the foreign spouse is outside the U.S., you must:

  1. Wait until the I-130 gets approved by the National Visa Center.
  2. File a DS-260 Green Card Application and the supporting paperwork.
  3. Attend the green card interview at the U.S. consulate without your spouse.
  4. Receive your marriage-based green card after USCIS approval.

The green card interview is intended to detect immigration fraud. A USCIS officer will ask questions to determine whether you have a bona fide marriage.

Are You in Need of Help from an Expert Immigration Attorney?

SimVisa prepares immigrant visa applications that are reviewed by a marriage immigration attorney before filing. Contact SimVisa for help securing your green card through marriage.

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Why Choose SimVisa for Marriage Immigration?

SimVisa offers multiple ways you can work with us. Our premium service offers a team of experts including a marriage immigration attorney working with you at every stage of the application process. We closely monitor your application and make sure the case is on track. We also offer an automated service which leverages technology to streamline the process and offer a more cost effective solution. You will be more hands-on throughout the application process, but we will still be there in the most critical stages to help you properly process your application.  

Filing for green card through marriage without lawyer assistance can lead to mistakes that add months to your processing times. Choosing the right marriage green card lawyer for your case can get better and quicker results than handling matters on your own.

Benefits of SimVisa include:

  • You get to choose the level of service appropriate for you
  • Professional preparation of your application based on over fifteen years of experience with the marriage-based immigration process
  • Regardless of the level of service you select, your application is reviewed by an experienced immigration attorney before filing for your marriage green card

Contact SimVisa for help securing your green card through marriage.

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Before launching automated SimVisa services, we've been successfully helping people with immigration as a traditional immigration law firm - Atom Law Group. Read the reviews below to see what our clients have to say.

Natalia Diaz-Velazquez

Very happy with their services, SohYoon is the best Chicago immigration attorney

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Brian Murray

I've been working with the Atom Law group since 2011 dealing with various visas throughout the years until I finally became a citizen and have only praise for the firm. From start to finish the process was as smooth as one could hope for with zero issues in the entire process. SohYonn was excellent in communicating with me every step of the way, and I was 100% confident that everything would work out which it did! Highly recommended.

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Lydia Hadusek

They were great! Helped me with my green card process. Any questions or concerns I had they would answer them promptly and would always put me at ease. The process with them felt more like a friendship.

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Pedro Kialanda

I do not know where i would be without Atom Law. They have helped me with my Green Card, Citizenship, and my mother's Green Card. Vanessa and SohYoohn were always available and ready to answer questions, alleviate any concerns we had. They always followed up and made sure everything was perfect. I can at least say from my side that everything was easy because they did all the heavy lifting. They are such a great team and i would recommend them to anyone who is going through the same process i went through. Thank you for everything

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Robert Lucy

I highly recommend Atom Law Group. My wife’s green card arrived just 6 months after we filed the adjustment of status paperwork. Atom Law Group really did everything for us at every step of the process. They gave very good guidance at the start, they helped track down every last document, they patiently answered questions, they filled out the many forms, they clearly explained the forms before we signed, they held a practice interview to prepare for the real interview, and on the big day a lawyer went with us to our USCIS interview. They are all very competent and pleasant people to work with.

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Beyza Büyüker

I worked with SohYoon and her team for my marriage-based Green Card application. They were very dedicated, knowledgable, responsive, and professional. So glad to work with them -- cannot recommend them enough!

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FAQs About Family-Based Immigration

Our clients have a lot of questions. Here are the answers to some of those most frequently asked.

How long do I have to wait to apply for a green card after marrying U.S. citizen?

There's no waiting period for applying for a marriage-based green card. You can file the application immediately after a valid marriage if you wish. You and your immigration marriage lawyer should act before your foreign spouse's current immigrant visa expires if they're already in the U.S.

What happens if divorce occurs before the end of the 2-year period?

An American citizen and a foreign spouse who have been married for less than two years at the time of filing for a green card receives what is known as a two-year conditional green card.

You must file to remove the condition prior to the expiration of the 2-year period. If you remain married, you can remove the conditions and receive a full ten-year marriage green card. If you divorce before the expiration, you must apply for a good faith marriage waiver to remain a legal permanent resident.

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Contact an Experienced Marriage Immigration Lawyer Today

A marriage green card lawyer will be familiar with the relevant U.S. immigration laws and can help you secure lawful permanent residency for your foreign spouse. Contact SimVisa to speak with a marriage green card attorney who understands your situation and can find a solution to help.