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All You Need to Know

Chicago Green Card Renewal Lawyers

Navigating the intricacies of green card renewal demands experience and precision. 

SimVisa's experienced immigration attorneys bring years of experience to the table to guarantee your continued lawful permanent resident status. We streamline the renewal process by engaging in meticulous documentation preparation and addressing the challenges that can often arise.

We'll guide you confidently through each step to make sure your green card remains current and valid. Trust in our proficiency and dedication to safeguarding your residency. 

Contact us today to take advantage of our legal skill and make your green card renewal a friction-free experience.

Can You Renew an Expired Green Card?

Can You Renew an Expired Green Card?

If your green card has expired, it's essential to initiate the renewal process promptly to maintain your legal permanent resident status. Ideally, you should renew your green card within 12 months of its expiration. Doing so ensures more expedient processing and prevents potential complications.

Our immigration law professionals can walk you through the renewal process, helping you maintain your lawful permanent residency without interruption.

When to Renew or Replace Your Green Card

You can renew your Permanent Resident Card under the following conditions:

  • Your 10-year green card is expiring;
  • Your two-year conditional green card is nearing expiration.

Alternatively, it will be necessary to replace your green card if:

  • It has expired;
  • It will expire within six months;
  • It was lost, stolen, or destroyed;
  • It doesn't display an expiration date;
  • It contains incorrect information;
  • Your name has changed, and your green card still displays the old name;
  • Your green card was approved but never arrived;
  • You turned 14 after obtaining a green card.

Renewing or replacing your green card as needed preserves your continuous legal status and prevents complications in various aspects of your life.

Conditional Green Card vs. Permanent Green Card

Conditional Green Card vs. Permanent Green Card

Regarding expired green card status, it's important to understand the distinction between conditional green cards and permanent ones.

A conditional family-based green card, which is valid for two years, requires removal of conditions to secure permanent residency. Failure to do so exposes you to the risk of losing your legal status.

By contrast, a permanent green card lasts 10 years and represents established permanent residency. Timely renewal is essential to avoid complications in travel, work, benefits, and overall legal status.

Be mindful of these differences to safeguard your continued lawful presence in the United States.

How Long Does It Take to Renew a Green Card?

The time it takes to renew your green card can vary based on multiple factors, including the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) workload, your location, and the accuracy of your application.

On average, the process typically takes around eight to 14 months from the time of submission to the receipt of your renewed card. That said, unforeseen circumstances or additional documentation requests from USCIS could extend the processing time.

The Renewal Process

Renewing your Permanent Resident Card is a critical step to maintaining uninterrupted permanent residency in the United States. The process involves several key stages:

1. Completing the Green Card Renewal Application (Form I-90)

1. Completing the Green Card Renewal Application (Form I-90)

The journey to renewal begins with Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card. This form serves as your official request for a renewed green card. Our immigration lawyers can help you complete this form thoroughly and accurately to minimize errors and delays.

2. Compiling Documentation

Next, you must gather the necessary documentation. This will include proof of your identity and current lawful permanent resident status, along with other required supporting materials. Our experienced lawyers can assist you in putting together a comprehensive and organized set of documents to strengthen your renewal application.

3. Attending a Biometrics Appointment

3. Attending a Biometrics Appointment

Upon submitting your application, you may be scheduled for a biometrics appointment. Your fingerprints, photograph, and signature will be collected during this examination for identity verification and security purposes. Our legal team will help verify that all required information is recorded promptly and accurately.

4. Preparing for a Potential Interview

While not all renewals require an interview, some cases may necessitate one. If yours does, our lawyers can help you get ready, providing guidance on expected questions and ensuring that you're able to answer them confidently.

5. Undergoing Application Processing

Once you've completed the preceding steps, USCIS officials will review your application and supporting documents. Your legal team will stay in close contact with these and other authorities to monitor the progress of your case and address any issues that may arise during the evaluation.

6. Awaiting Approval and Delivery

6. Awaiting Approval and Delivery

Upon approval, you'll receive your renewed green card. This card will solidify your continued permanent residency status and afford you all the rights and privileges that come with it.

The renewal process can be complex, but with a reliable Chicago green card attorney by your side, you can trust that all aspects of your application will be managed meticulously, increasing the likelihood of a successful renewal.

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Why Choose SimVisa for Green Card Renewal?

In addition to top-tier legal services, the knowledgeable and compassionate legal advocates at SimVisa offer the following benefits and advantages:

  • Broad legal skill: Our team knows immigration law and can provide relevant advice and accurate, efficient application processing;
  • Tailored guidance: We always offer personalized assistance by familiarizing ourselves with your unique situation and guiding you through the renewal process step by step;
  • Timely renewal: We emphasize the importance of renewing green cards on time to avoid legal complications and maintain uninterrupted legal status;
  • Documentation assistance: Our team can lend you a hand with gathering and organizing the required documentation for a comprehensive and compelling application.
  • Dependable support: If any issues arise during the renewal process, we'll provide solutions for overcoming them effectively without excessively delaying your case.
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Our clients have a lot of questions. Here are the answers to some of those most frequently asked.

Can I renew my green card if it's already expired?

Yes. However, it's recommended that you do so as soon as possible to avoid legal complications and other potential issues.

What are the consequences of an expired green card?

Lawful permanent residents enjoy the privileges of living and working in the United States on a permanent basis. Allowing your green card to expire can have several consequences, including loss of legal status, difficulty traveling, work authorization issues, loss of government benefits, re-entry concerns, and holdups in naturalization.

Can I work with an expired green card while the renewal is pending?

An expired green card doesn't generally invalidate your work authorization. Even so, it's advisable to renew your residency card before its expiration to prevent unwanted complications.

What happens if my green card renewal application is denied?

If your renewal application is denied, you might lose your permanent resident status. It's crucial to understand the reasons for the denial and consult a legal professional to explore your options for appeal or other remedies.

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